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We shape clay into a pot, but it is the emptiness inside that holds whatever we want. Tao Te Ching

After a career as an art director in Italy, I moved to Stroud, Gloucestershire, in 2001. I hold a Post Graduate diploma in Art Therapy and I have worked with adults and young people (individually and in group settings) experiencing various degrees of mental and physical conditions, including people suffering from brain injuries, chronic and life-shortening illnesses, depression, anxiety, trauma, autistic spectrum disorders and special needs. Following, are some of the organizations where I have held therapeutic art sessions:

Headway, Gloucester
Hygeia Health Centre, RMET – Sheffield
Moreton Hill Care Centre, Stroud
Oaklands Park – Camphill Community, Newnham
Park Attwood Clinic, Trimpley – Bewdley
Parliament Family Centre, Stroud
St. Luke’s Medical Centre, Stroud
Sue Ryder Care – Leckhampton Court Hospice, Cheltenham
The Dean Neurological Centre, Gloucester

I have a private practice in Stroud, where I offer one-to-one sessions (short or longterm). I co-run Imagine Therapeutic Arts, an open studio practice in Stroud, where I facilitate several group sessions. I work part-time at the Elysia Therapeutic Centre, in Stourbridge, where I offer both individual as well as group sessions and I co-facilitate an Oasis Group with Melanie Taylor. I also facilitate workshops in the UK and abroad.

Basic fees: £20 for group and £45-£40 for individual sessions.
Some concessions are available, please enquire for details.

If you are interested and would like to book a session or to ask more questions, please feel free to contact me:

Laura Ridolfi 01453 767059 – 07762 704738 – email